Author: Katherine Alex

Katherine Alex is a writer and poet based in the UK. She is the creator of the Kingdoms of Ardor universe and is currently planning her first novel. Visit her website for more information and to view some of her work
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So now there is YouTube…

I have wanted to start being more vocal about my own passion of performance poetry for a while now…

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Poetry Corner – A girl called C

Hey, it’s Katherine, today I wanted to share with you a poem back from the writer’s house days of learning how to write from commission. This particular poem was a commission that one of our mentors had been asked to do herself. This poem was for Clare Currie’s birthday and we weren’t allowed to include her name or her age anywhere within the poem and we were given an email from her best friend about Clare to help us write about someone we didn’t know well. Enjoy!

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Future Goals…

Hey, it’s Katherine. Now I know that its a little bit late to be setting new years resolutions but hear me out. This last year has been crazy and I had so many new experiences that have really changed my life for the better. I met all of the crazy, wonderful people from Writers’ House, I applied to university and I have an amazing boyfriend. Life is doing really great right now so I thought that this would be a good time to outline future projects and content for the future.