Poetry Corner – With the Strength to Fight

Hi, It’s Katherine! I want to share this poem with you all. It was written a little while ago and has just been sat on my desktop waiting to be shared. Not everyone has a perfect relationship with their parents and my relationship with my mother has been chaotic at best. We are trying to work together on rebuilding at the moment. I hope you enjoy this exploration of our relationship.

Each morning she wakes, she gets dressed, she fights

She stops the tears, she silences the strife

She is hurting but holds her head high

Though she is kind we don’t always see eye to eye

Cuts and burns from the glass in her studio

Crafting stained sculptures for her secret grotto

Her mind is tired of the fight but she persists

A tangled knot of voices and lists

She is stubborn, she is brave and deserves every honour

But semi-colons slip and she might be a goner

Walk-abouts, bottle-tops, empty glasses, full stops.

No stillness, no silence, just promises and defiance

Armed with the knowledge of those she will leave, she holds on still.

A battle won, a battle lost, will the fight never cease

I love her, though her words cut like knives

Together we stand, though separate in lives

Together we stand, mark our ground, take on the wall

Of weakness, of giving in, we will not fall

Mother and daughter, together as a pair

Strength on strength, life is never fair

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