Poetry Corner – A girl called C

Hey, it’s Katherine, today I wanted to share with you a poem back from the writer’s house days of learning how to write from commission. This particular poem was a commission that one of our mentors had been asked to do herself. This poem was for Clare Currie’s birthday and we weren’t allowed to include her name or her age anywhere within the poem and we were given an email from her best friend about Clare to help us write about someone we didn’t know well. Enjoy!

Feet, naked and bare

toes wriggling in the mud,

like worms hungry for more,

searching to bury themselves in mother earth’s company

To grow, to decay

Fungus found foraging in fields painted green

Raw beauty is the way she learns

A Queen, with her crown of deer

Shattered and twisted with driftwood splinters

pebbles and pinecones for her fairy tokens

she turns. Stops and stares

Eyes seek eyes, fingers find fingers

She is caught in a secret light that only she leaks.

Back she retreats, back to the home

where bone turns to stone

her arms are branches

an offering to those above.

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