Future Goals…

Hey, it’s Katherine. Now I know that its a little bit late to be setting new years resolutions but hear me out. This last year has been crazy and I had so many new experiences that have really changed my life for the better. I met all of the crazy, wonderful people from Writers’ House, I applied to university and I have an amazing boyfriend. Life is doing really great right now so I thought that this would be a good time to outline future projects and content for the future.

Writers’ House

So the new series that I promised won’t be happening, at least not in the way I originally had planned. Instead, I will be going through each of the skills that I learnt on each day rather than recounting everything that happened on each day. Poems will probably be published here before the details of the workshops and how we went through the editing or creation process for each poem. That way I can have a series of lessons that I was taught in new ways to explore poetry.

In other exciting news I will be taking part in my first poetry slam – write club, with the writers’ house group around February/March time so I will let you know how that goes closer to the time. Plus, we have the theme of curiosity and my first thought was ‘Why is a raven like a writing desk?’ so maybe some Alice inspired poetry?

Possible collections

Now this is very exciting for me to talk about. I am currently working on putting together my first collection Wild Queens. It is going to be in four parts Alpha, Luna, Pack and Pup and explore the primal side of womanhood. I feel that with the current gender and sexuality debate everywhere and radical feminism blaming men I think that it would be nice to come away from all of these arguments and have a collection that focuses on the natural beauty of womanhood and all that that encompasses.

I also have plans for another collection in the future although I would like it to be more of a project for everyone. I want this collection to be about being a carer of someone with mental health issues. I just feel that there isn’t a lot of art that supports these people and having been a young carer for a large section of my younger life it just wasn’t really talked about. During mental health week, I didn’t see anything about the people around those with mental health conditions which I thought was really quite disappointing. This is the kind of project that I would want lots of people and different perspectives to be adding to and having a mass effort at increasing the visibility of especially younger people with these kinds of responsibilities.

The Sins of the Swan

I think that one of my major goals for the year is to get at least the first draft of The Sins of the Swan finished. This is definitely something that will be waiting until the summer and when exams are out of the way as books require a lot more undivided attention than poetry which I find easier to dip in and out of. The Sins of the Swan may never be published but I want it to be the first book that I have ‘finished’ if not ‘published’. I absolutely adore the characters and the journey of self-discovery they all go on and I think that this is kind of the perfect first book for me.


So I finally submitted my UCAS application. Honestly, it’s the scariest thing to finally hit that send button after looking through prospectuses for hours and searching accommodation and looking into who has a D and D roleplay group… Yeah, I might be quite geeky at times 🙂 Anyway, I have applied for a combination of double English Language and Creative Writing and single Creative Writing. In my future career, the absolute dream would be to become a full-time poet and author. However, that is quite unrealistic so plan B is to become a teacher and write at the same time until I can support myself enough to become a full-time writer.

I want to give the biggest thank you in the world to anyone who has supported me so far in my writing goals and I hope that we can all share in one truly amazing future!

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