Poetry Corner – Dear J

Hey Guys, It’s Katherine! This is one of those little pieces that was written during my last day at Writer’s House. This is in dedication to my amazing friend Jade. We sat around during our free time on Friday and wrote love poems for each other. This girl stole my heart and I love her to pieces. So this is ‘Dear J’

I see you there

Across the room

Eyes studying the page

You are intent

Not a smile

Not a frown

Indenting itself on your cheek

You Sass me and

I follow you

You’ve taken the lead

In this dance

Eyebrow raised

Tongue sticking out

Like the nymph I know you are

I love your hair

Short and snappy

I love running my fingers through yours

I know you won’t

Believe me when

I say

That you are beautiful

I say again

You are beautiful

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