Poetry Corner – Smoke Alarm

Hey guys, its Katherine! I was rummaging through my old files and I found this piece I wrote way back in year 9 when we did our anti-smoking campaigns. I thought it was quite nice to share it with you all. Updates for my new series on my time in writers house coming soon xx

The world around me is potent

There’s a buzzing in the air

The smoke clouds my judgement

I listen, waiting for the aware

A long rasp, my panics gone

My mind is foggier still

Alarm bells ring but I know their wrong

I wait for the fires to burn

Cigarettes line the floor

Like a bloody battle played out

Heavens gates soon will open

Like an unlocked door reaching out

Blackness corrodes my lungs

Keeping me underneath

Soon I will be gone

If nothing stops my lease

The alarms never stop

But only ring on

The alarms are never loud enough

But the signs carry on

Soon the world slips from grasp

Soon the world looks a gas

Soon enough I shall learn

But the smoke alarm still burns

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