Poetry Corner – To my brother, Jesus Christ

Hey Guys and Girls, it’s Katherine. This one has been quite a hard poem to post. Last week I was confirmed as a member of the Church of England. I have been on an alpha course and over the last couple of months, my faith has grown so enormously. I feel so loved and blessed by the family I have grown in the church and in the friendships that will stay with me all the days of my life. This poem is my ode to the love that I bare for my saviour Jesus Christ and how I can see him at work.

I’ve read about you all the things you have done

Your kindness, your morals, your teaching

Feeding five thousand, feeding four thousand

Preaching, travelling, healing


I’ve listened to your words, holy commands of faith and love

To be giving, to be patient, to have hope

You let the blind man see, you made the lame man walk

Your love for us all knows no bounds


I have cried for you, the lamb who was slain

A perfect sacrifice for all

Your journey to heaven was not an easy one

But there is forgiveness in the lion’s roar


I have seen you, in the crosses we wear

A symbol of eternal forgiveness

You take away everything and make us clean again

And for that, I am eternally grateful


I have known you, in the people I love

In the church, in my family, in my friends

Peace and love are your gifts to all

I can’t wait to meet you in the end


I am guided by you, your teaching still continues

And I learn to love you more each day

You are amazing and wonderful

I am blessed with your presence as I pray


At the end of all things, you will rise again

A blaze of glory and might

You will fill the heavens and the earth

Our shining saviours light


I thank you, my brother, for loving me

For keeping me well and safe

You are incredible, indescribable

Life with you will always be great!

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