What are you reading right now? Jan 3 – Q & A a day

Hey, it’s Katherine. This is a little bit lighter than my previous two posts from this series. I have a lot of time for this as a question because I love books and I love reading. I think it is extraordinary how you can be so completely transfixed by the words on the page and travel to so many wondrous places. I have a bad habit of starting too many books at once and then taking forever (well, not quite) to finish them. This will probably end up being quite a long list so I’ll start with my most recent read

The Heroes of Olympus – the lost hero by Rick Riordan

I adored the Percy Jackson series and the heroes of Olympus is the follow-on. This book is the first one in the series and introduces you to the Roman demigods. For those of you not familiar with the Percy Jackson series – the books follow Percy and Annabeth and their adventures through various bits of Greek mythology (they are Greek demigods)in modern-day America. I would hands-down recommend this series to everyone. Rick Riordan is a fantastic writer and very funny. Leo is my favourite character in the Heroes of Olympus series and I love his kick-ass women. Such a good read!

English Passengers by Matthew Kneale

I was given this book by one of my English teachers who has the same kind of taste for writing as I do. Unfortunately, I can’t say much more than that as I started it and loved the stylistic choices of the writer and then never got more than a few pages in. Oops! I will say that it is on my to-do list of things I need to catch up on. I can imagine that once I start reading it seriously it will just carry me away and be quite a quick read.

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

This is the first self-help sort of book I have read. I have only read the first couple of chapters but the book spans itself into a twelve-week course for ‘discovering and recovering your creative self’. I have already started implementing its ideas about getting all of your thoughts out into morning pages. I don’t often have time to do these in the morning and so instead it has become a practice that before I start doing my homework or before I start writing I will thought-dump any little thing that pops into my head – all the things that are bothering me or anywhere my mind drifts. It is so helpful and it means that when I finally put pen to paper in earnest everything is far more clear. At some point when I have finished The Artist’s Way, I will sit down and really discuss the things I have learnt at length with you all.

The Bible – Luke Chapter 3

As I stated in my mission for the year, I want to work on my relationship with God. I have started to read the bible in a more constructive way rather than passively and actually trying to take in the messages it has for me. I started this just after Christmas and I am trying to read a little bit a day. I know that religion isn’t for everybody but I also want to learn about other religions like Islam, Buddism, Hinduism, Judaism and others. I think that it is wrong to only see your own religion and instead we must be open to other peoples experiences of the world in order to understand the people around us.