In the Safety of Candlelight

There is something strangely soul-for-filling about lighting candles. In churches, we use them to remember those we have lost. They take our prayers with them up the wandering path of heaven. At home, you might them as a wind-down at the end of a stressful day. They create atmosphere and add meaning to our chaotic lives. They can be romantic and sorrowful and yet we still cling to these little lights that used to guide our way home. The soft smoke and the fresh scent fills us. It lifts our very souls. We could fly on the wings of night and be transport miles away- all with the simple flicker of a flame. It is so truly captivating that our minds come alive. Time slows down. We can tell dark stories in the dead of night, never to be ushered again. We can whisper secrets to the wind on their smoky breath. The little flames keep us burning brighter than any star before them. Fire is what makes us human. It is why we feel so solid in the gases they leave behind.

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