Poetry Corner – Demons

Hey guys, it’s Katherine. I found this poem when I was looking through one of my old school books from when we covered gothic literature. It was fun to write and I think it is always nice to find bits of old writing you can relearn to love. Don’t look too deeply into this one… I might write like this from time to time but these generally aren’t thoughts that cross my mind on a regular basis.

Cold flurries in the middle of the night
Souls searching for the morning light
Clawed drawings on the wall
To be dead, to be done, to already fall

Clouds to cover the light of day
To spread my wings to fly away
Blank spots in the back of my mind
Bony hands cover my eyes, blind

Fools we are to think and pray
For one day, our lives will be snatched away
We all fall as humans, this is true
But we become angels clothed in blue

We sing sweet songs to passers-by
But it is in these words our voices die
For we no longer own ourselves
Our lives waste and our souls crawl down the delves

No help will come when we plead our case
Instead, we find a new kind of wraith
One to hold our voices high
One to watch on day we die

On my death, the spirits will contemplate
Together with God they will decide my fate
Alone and lost with my soul-baring blood
A new sacrifice, a new type of love

A final word to decide my end
To this god, mercy doesn’t lend
A prison made of ice and glass
One final kiss, my spirits last

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