Poetry Corner – In my Life, So Far

Hey guys, it’s your girl Katherine with some hopefully uplifting rhyme in an odd sort of way (life is bad for everyone at times, we might as well laugh about it). From next week it will hopefully start being some of my newer work rather than my old, found pieces because as much as I like to recover old poetry, it is always nice to write the new things too! Anyhow, I thought I would share this with you today enjoy!

In my life, so far, I have dreamed and played and sang.
I have run around causing havoc and ended things with a bang.
I jumped and climbed and sailed away in my head.
Knowing that my dreams would stay safe in the books I had read.

In my life, so far, I have had friends and enemies and something in between,
I have had romance and mystery, and a crush on many teachers. That’s me.
I have cried and laughed and been very confused, it’s true,
But then someone sits with me and I know just what to do.

In my life, so far, my world has been turned upside down,
From the shouting and screaming in the home, I had found,
To the papers on the table, suitcases packed,
and alone I stood not looking back.

In my life, so far, I have known a great deal of unspoken secrets,
Lies and taunts and great silence that says all.
I have no need for words when I know what is wrong without them,
Although their company gives me a sort of courage.

In my life, so far, I have stood proud and tall,
I have moved mountains and shaken the earth to its core.
I have broken hearts and claimed many of my own.
I’m surprised at the little girl I used to know.

In my life, so far, there have been many errors and faults,
It’s true for me, denial only comes from adults.
I wish my life was someone else’s,
Not these words, many unspoken, that call for something worse.

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