Poetry Corner – Fire Night

Hey guys, it’s Katherine. This next poem is one of the first poems that I ever wrote and it was for one of my English projects in year 7. I think it was 5th November so my teacher lets the class do a creative writing piece about Guy Fawkes Night. I was 11 at the time so no judging. This is about a couple who fall in love during fireworks night. Quite short, but very sweet and innocent. Now on to the Poetry

Explosions rain in the sky,
Flying oh so very high,
Coloured metal touch the night,
Children squeal with delight,
Orange burns on the ground,
Catherines spin very round,
Silver streaks the land so see,
A glittering heaven for you and me,
Love is not what’s lost tonight,
But when it takes first flight,
Known to me but not to you,
Our love will end with I do.

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