Poetry Corner – A Family Divide

Hey guys, It’s Katherine. This is my other published poem mentioned in My experience with Young Writers, that I am very excited to share with you. I entered a young writers competition with the help of my school at the age of 13 and was successful in getting published in the ‘War of Words’ anthology. It is about my parents getting divorced and I was just doing angry and didn’t really understand my own feelings. I really find writing helps clear my mind. If you want to enter a young writers competition then check out their website for the latest news https://www.youngwriters.co.uk/. On to the poetry!

Storms sweep across the land
Brought down by Father’s mighty hand
As Mother sits in the corner, cries
We all try to hide in lies

I wait for years to pass me by
The guards are up, away I hide
Frightening these shadows seem
Nothing more than memories

To those outside our little world
Our lives seem good as gold
Rain beats down on the windowsill
It seems to hide my tears as well

Storms clear away the clouds
Bring back the sun from before the rows
The tears seem to leave my eyes
Dad left a type of new surprise

A newfound strength rises from within
Old fears are wearing thin
This is me of new, shining through
No longer held back by what I can’t do

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