Poetry Corner – What do words mean?

Hey guys, it’s Katherine. This is one of the poems I talked about in my previous post My experience with Young Writers. This is the more recently written of the two and covers an important message I feel should be shared. I was so incredibly thrilled when the letter came saying I had been published in the ‘teenage voices’ anthology. Be sure to check them out https://www.youngwriters.co.uk/. I am going to start regularly posting my own poetry as encouragement to myself to improve my craft. For the first couple of posts, it will be work that I have already written and want to share. If there are any topics you would like me to write about send me a message, whether it be any tips and tricks or themes for poems you want me to write. Anyway… on to the poetry!

What more do words say? What more do words mean?
Then a cry in the night that no one ever sees
A cry in the night that no one ever hears
Does anyone listen to the sound of words tears?
A pitter-patter of rain from the sky
As the words of my mind slowly shrivel and die
The life that words lead doesn’t mean anything today
Just like they won’t tomorrow or like they did yesterday
Words are a cry of understanding and discontent
They are the difference between what you mean and what you said
The difference between what you think and what you do
The difference between your actions and you
So next time you think your words don’t matter
Look around and see how your words truly clatter
Look at all the people your words will touch
How many lives could change by instead of saying ‘not much’
You replied with life and your story and your song
And you began to tell people what was truly wrong
If instead of thinking that your words mean nothing
You spoke up and changed your nothing for something
If you gave your words meaning like the potential in you
Instead thinking about all the things words couldn’t do
Your words could build skyscrapers and your thoughts touch the clouds
If only the words weren’t stuck in your mouth
You could build up an army of workers and the like
Have your own business at the top of your sights
You could teach and reach and soar higher than the birds
If only your voice could ever be heard
So make it and break it and throw it away too
But don’t ever give up on the things that words do
Don’t be afraid of what could or what might
Just know that the end is never far out of sight
That in the end, your voice is yours
Not his or mine or societies to own
It is your voice and your words and your song
That will always reach out and show you where you really belong

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