My experience with Young Writers

Hey guys, it’s Katherine. Some of you might be aware of a website called This site hosts creative writing competitions for young people from the ages of 4-18. I have been published twice through their poetry competitions: first in ‘War of Words’ anthology with my poem ‘A family divide’, the second time in ‘Inner Voices’ with ‘What do words mean’. I entered the first competition as part of my school so there was an internal competition that I won. With ‘What do words mean’ I entered by myself which I felt gave me more freedom as my school imposed additional rules as well.

I think that Young Writers has amazing poetry competitions but is lacking in their creative writing because of their word limits. Stories generally have to be less than 300 words which I find is too limiting for my own style of writing. Young Writers adds new competitions every few weeks so for anyone with aspiring children, cousins, yourselves if you are still in secondary school please enter some of them and have your work published before you are out of your teens.

Get Writing!


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